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qualiTEAS Inc.

qualiTEAS Inc.


Subsea Consultants; SMEs Consulting Offshore Inspection Services


qualiTEAS is a St. John’s (NL) based engineering service company, specializing in corrosion management and mitigation consultation in industrial assets.

Our unique chemical approach and proactive asset monitoring help our clients to, understand the degree, type and potential impact(s) of corrosion, assess the expected life of the assets, and consider means to prolong the same. The service is made further robust and holistic with the inclusion of environmental factor analysis that reveal even the origin and mechanism of corrosion. Hence, our service not only just translate into cost savings, but also potentially can avoid unwanted incidents involving asset integrity issues.

We are presently working with energy companies in the NL offshore, and are expanding our services to the other sectors and locations as well.


Abhijit Chatterjee

Vidyoot Roy Karmakar
Operations Manager

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